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Thinking of moving abroad? Or currently live away from home? Our Global Health Blog is packed full of excellent resources and advice for expats. 

Post-Brexit Healthcare for UK Expats in Europe

Brexit has brought about significant changes for UK expats in Europe, including alterations in their access to healthcare services when residing or traveling within European countries. Formerly, UK citizens could take advantage of reciprocal healthcare agreements with...

Guest Post: Peter the Painter

This blog is a little different as it tells the story of Peter, the nomadic street artist who has painted his way around the world. HCI Group customers come from all walks of life; we provide private medical insurance to expats, seafarers, digital nomads, pilots and...

HCI Group launches NIMBL Health

HealthCare International Group (HCI Group) is set to revolutionise the International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) market with the launch of NIMBL Health, a fully modular and flexible health care plan designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of people...

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