Travel insurance and international medical insurance are two types of insurance policies that are designed to protect you against unexpected expenses during travel or medical emergencies. Although both types of insurance policies may seem similar, there are several key differences between them that you should be aware of when deciding which policy to purchase.

The Differences between Travel Insurance and International Medical Insurance

Whilst travel insurance and international medical insurance provide coverage for unexpected expenses, they both have different levels of protection whilst you are away from home. Lets look at what the differences are, and which type of cover would work better for you.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a type of insurance policy that is designed to protect individuals against unexpected events that may occur while traveling. These events can include trip cancellation, trip interruption, lost or stolen luggage, medical emergencies, and other travel-related incidents.

It can be purchased for a single trip or for multiple trips throughout the year. The cost of coverage can vary depending on the type and level of coverage required, the destination, and the length of the trip.

What is International Medical Insurance?

International Medical insurance is a type of insurance for those who are traveling or living abroad. It is designed to cover medical expenses that may arise during international travel or living abroad, including emergency medical treatment, hospitalization, prescription medication, and medical evacuation. This can be purchased individually or through an employer-sponsored health plan. Some common types of medical insurance include comprehensive health insurance and short-term health insurance.

Policies can also include routine check-ups, diagnostic tests, and emergency medical care. The level of coverage can vary depending on the policy and may include coverage for pre-existing conditions, maternity care, and dental care.

Having the right level of travel insurance is an important consideration for anyone planning to travel. This is especially true for international travel or should you participate in high-risk activities such as adventure sports or extreme sports. It can provide peace of mind and financial protection against unexpected events that may occur during a trip.

Getting the right cover for you ensures that you can focus on enjoying your travel experience without worrying about unforeseen expenses.

Deciding what insurance you need for your trip, can be confusing. If you need help or further advice, our team will be happy to assist you. Say Hello