This blog is a little different as it tells the story of Peter, the nomadic street artist who has painted his way around the world. HCI Group customers come from all walks of life; we provide private medical insurance to expats, seafarers, digital nomads, pilots and anyone else who travels the globe including artists. There are many reasons people choose an international lifestyle, and Peter’s was to follow his creative dream. 

“Greetings, fellow art enthusiasts and wanderers of the world! I am Peter, an artist driven by the beauty of both art and travel. My canvas is the world itself, and my brushstrokes are the stories I share as I travel across continents, painting my way through life.

My journey as an artist began long before I ever set foot on foreign soil. Art has always been my soul’s language, a means to express my emotions, dreams, and experiences. It was the desire to break free from the traditional art gallery scene and share my creations with the world that drove me to embark on a unique adventure.

As the sun dipped below the Sunderland skyline, illuminating the historic docks with hues of grey, I realised that my artistic calling extended beyond the confines of northern England. The world, with all its diverse landscapes and cultures, beckoned me to tell its story through my artwork.

With a heart brimming with passion and a suitcase filled with paints, brushes, and a few cherished canvases, I waved goodbye to my family and friends and took the plunge into the world of a nomadic artist. My first canvas was the bustling streets of Amsterdam, a city rich in artistic inspiration and appreciation. Setting up my easel at a quaint corner, I painted the iconic canals and tulip-lined pathways, inviting locals and tourists alike to witness my artistic vision.

The experience was exhilarating. Engaging with people, hearing their interpretations of my art, and sharing stories from different corners of the globe made me realize the power of art in uniting us all. It was then that I knew my artistic journey had found its true calling.

From the lively markets of Berlin to the romantic bridges of Paris, I dipped my toe in the nomadic lifestyle by exploring Europe, each place leaving its unique imprint on my canvas. I learned to adapt my art to the pulse of each city, infusing the essence of its culture into my work. Whether it was the vibrant chaos of Naples or the serene landscapes Madeira, I let the scenery guide my creativity.


The call of the wild has always fascinated me, and so I found myself drawn to the lush jungles of South America. My mission was to observe and paint the magnificent animals that call this place home. The experience was awe-inspiring; the colors of the flora and fauna were like a palette of nature’s own design.

From the elegant movements of the jaguar to the playful antics of the monkeys, I strived to capture their essence on canvas. Each brushstroke was an attempt to encapsulate the raw beauty and mystery of the jungle. The vibrant greens, the earthy browns, and the flashes of vivid colors became the heartbeat of my artwork.

After my adventures in the jungle, I set my sights on Japan—a land where tradition and modernity coexist in harmony. I was particularly captivated by the grace and elegance of Japanese women wearing kimonos. The intricacy of the patterns, the delicate silk, and the way the kimonos gracefully adorned the women made for a captivating subject.

In bustling cities and tranquil villages, I found inspiration in the contrast between the modern urban landscape and the serene traditional scenes. The duality of Japan was reflected in my art—a fusion of contemporary techniques and traditional motifs, blending old and new in a harmonious dance of strokes and shades.

My journey from Sunderland to Europe, the jungle and then to Japan has been transformative, both as an artist and as an individual. It has reinforced my belief that art transcends boundaries, and through it, we can appreciate the beauty that lies within every corner of our planet.

As I continue my travels, I carry with me the lessons learned from the jungle and Japan—a deep respect for nature, an appreciation for diverse cultures, and a dedication to capturing the essence of our world through my art.”


You can follow Peter’s artistic adventures on Instagram

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